Converse County School District #2
Building Bridges to a Successful Future
Administration Converse County School District No. 2

WDE State Accreditation Areas

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) implemented a new state-led accreditation process beginning in the fall of 2018, making a regional accreditation process optional for Wyoming districts and schools. The New Wyoming accreditation process includes 25 accreditation criteria. You will find information on each of these criteria below.

01. District Board
02. District Leadership
03. School Leadership
04. Stakeholder Engagement
05. Staff Employment and Certification
06. Professional Development
07. State Assessment and Accountability
08. School Improvement and Suppor
09. Programs, Standards, and Curriculum
10. District Assessment System
11. Instructional Methods
12. Learning Supports
13. At-Risk and Dropout Prevention
14. School Culture, Climate, and Safety
15. Student Activities
16. High School Graduation
17. Technology and Media
18. Virtual Education
19. Buildings and Facilities
20. Student Health
21. Calendars and Schedules
22. Transportation
23. Food Services
24. Finance and Data
25. Student Information System