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COVID-19 Information

Converse County School District #2 remains committed to the timely, consistent, and transparent dissemination of public information while ensuring we are protecting student and staff privacy, as related to known COVID-19 impacts on school and district facilities.

Converse County School District #2 will be providing bi-weekly updates of known COVID-19 impacts to school/district facilities. We will include the school/location and the number of students/staff impacted, as long as identification falls within the aggregated reporting requirements of FERPA. If at any time, the disclosure of information could allow for the identification of a specific individual, we will not release the information.

bi-weekly updates

COVID-19 isolations and quarantines as reported by the Converse County Public Health Department, a healthcare provider, parent/guardian, or individual employee: 

Summer Break (will update when school starts in August)

  • Student Quarantines: 0
  • Student Isolations: 0
  • Staff Quarantines: 0
  • Staff Isolations: 0

Quarantine/Isolation Information

If your student needs to isolate or quarantine, Converse County School District #2 will provide remote learning and instruction. If you are a staff member and need to quarantine or isolate, please contact your direct supervisor.

Converse County School District #2 will no longer contact trace for close contacts, does not test students for COVID-19, and does not have the authority to quarantine or isolate individuals as related to COVID-19. If you receive a phone call/message from the Wyoming Department of Health or Converse County Public Health Department, please return their phone call/message. If you have any questions regarding the process of identifying what constitutes a close contact, questions about quarantine or isolation, or COVID-19 testing, please contact the appropriate health officials at the Converse County Public Health Department at (307) 358-2536 or (307) 436-6045.

Converse County School District #2 will continue to work in direct collaboration with the Converse County Public Health Department and our community in response to COVID-19. We appreciate your partnership and support as we work together to provide a high-quality learning environment for all students while maintaining our commitment to the safety and health of all students, staff, and the community.