Converse County School District #2
Building Bridges to a Successful Future

GIS Athletics

Participation in team and individual sports not only promotes a feeling of family and belonging, but it allows students to develop themselves physically and emotionally. Students gain strength and skills and have the opportunity to develop leadership skills while learning the art of good sportsmanship and fair play.

Glenrock Sports

We offer students in grades 7–8 a wide selection of sports to participate in. Check here for current team schedules each season.

Cross Country

  • Chris Gray, Head Coach
  • Misti Allen, Assistant

Boys Basketball

  • Ray Kumpula, Head Coach
  • Nick Stoneking, Assistant

Girls Basketball

  • Kevin Halvorsen, Head Coach
  • Elizabeth Halvorsen, Assistant


  • Ray Kumpula, Head Coach
  • Donnie Stewart, Assistant
  • Ryan Collier, Assistant
  • Carl Federer, Assistant
  • Nic Dillon, Assistant

Track & Field

  • Shawn Huxtable, Head Coach
  • Al Finch, Assistant
  • Misti Allen, Assistant
  • Nick Stoneking, Assistant


  • Amanda Winzenried, Head Coach
  • Nicole Williams, Assistant


  • Nic Dillon, Head Coach
  • Levi Wooden, Assistant

Sports Physicals

All students who plan to participate in our interscholastic sports programs must submit a completed physical examination form to our office before we can permit participation in a school sport.