Converse County School District #2
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GHS Athletics

We believe in the Glenrock Herders! Our athletics program is a source of school and community pride, and we welcome all to come on out and share in the excitement we feel at every competitive event. Your support matters, whether as a teammate, as a member of the booster club, or cheering our athletes on from the sidelines.

Sports & Schedules

Whether it is the snap of the football, the swoosh of the basket, or for the rush of the run, get in the game! Check here for current team schedules each season.

Boys Basketball Schedule

  • Shawn Huxtable. Head Coach
  • Carl Federer, Assistant

Girls Basketball Schedule

  • Chris Gray, Head Coach
  • Tara Chandler, Assistant

Cross Country Schedule

  • Chris Gray, Head Coach
  • Misti Allen, Assistant

JV Football Schedule / Varsity Football Schedule

  • Ray Kumpula, Head Coach
  • Donnie Stewart, Assistant
  • Ryan Collier, Assistant
  • Carl Federer, Assistant
  • Nic Dillon, Assistant

Track & Field Schedule

  • Ryan Collier, Head Coach
  • Ray Kumpula, Assistant
  • Cody Tillard, Assistant
  • Tara Chandler, Assistant

Volleyball Schedule

  • Tara Chandler, Head Coach
  • Sunny Fleck, Assistant

Wrestling Schedule

  • Nic Dillon, Head Coach
  • Don Flynn, Assistant

Sports Physicals

All students who plan to participate in our interscholastic sports programs must submit a completed physical examination form to our office before we can permit participation in a school sport.